Micheal Connor Woodwork
the sweet sound of making shavings
Ukuleles are great fun to have around the house but when you have a shed full of beautiful wood it naturally follows that someone like me will make their own. This is how “LOCALELE’S” were  born.
The combination of stunning LOCAL timber, a LOCAL workshop and LOCAL woodworker all add up to make a LOCALELE.
This sort of idea can soon become a bit of an obsession and now I make 5 styles and sizes of Localele to sell. The sizes from smallest to largest are the Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone. A Pineapple shape Soprano body/Concert neck is now available. All these instruments have the highest quality fittings and strings. They use a solid bone nut and saddle to transfer all the sound energy to the body. The result is a clear and clean sound with a long sustain.
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